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Dr. Uzi Moses, a Holistic Wellbeing Mentor, dedicates himself to guiding individuals, couples, and groups on a transformative journey. His mission is to dissolve life's obstacles, eliminate fears, and unveil your distinctive gifts and talents to the world.

The Methods

Emotional Mastery

Emotional mastery is the ability to recognize, understand, and regulate one's emotions to achieve a desired outcome. It involves developing self-awareness and mindfulness, as well as learning effective techniques for managing stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions. Emotional mastery also involves cultivating positive emotions, such as gratitude, joy, and compassion, and using them to foster stronger relationships, enhance performance, and improve overall well-being.

REBT - Rational Emotive Behavioral Life Coaching

We help individuals identify and change irrational beliefs that may hinder their personal growth and success. Our coaches work collaboratively with their clients to develop effective strategies to challenge negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and cultivate more adaptive ways of thinking and living.

Influencer Mindset

Every person on this earth has a specific mission in life. Finding it, connecting, and acting on it with it is the key to happiness, fulfillment, and greater meaning. The influencer mindset also refers to a way of thinking that is focused on influencing the world positively. It involves a strategic approach to bringing your message to the world, engagement, and networking, as well as a willingness to take risks and experiment with different approaches. Influencers often prioritize authenticity and transparency in their interactions and work on creating meaningful connections and making a positive impact.

CBT - Cognitive Behavioral Technique

Focuses on identifying and changing negative patterns of thinking and behavior. It is based on the idea that our thoughts, feelings, and actions are interconnected, and that changing one can led to improvements in the others. CBT typically involves structured sessions that help individuals develop coping strategies and problem-solving skills to manage a variety of negative emotions.

About Me

For years, success was about hard work and personal gain. Despite building multimillion-dollar businesses, I found myself unhappy and divorced in 2016. This led me to explore emotions, spirituality, and a greater purpose in life.

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is a practice that helps individuals explore and deepen their connection with their inner selves, their beliefs, and the universe. It involves working with a spiritual guide or mentor who provides support, guidance, and wisdom on matters of faith, purpose, and personal growth. Spiritual guidance can involve a variety of practices, such as meditation, prayer, and reflection, depending on the individual's needs and preferences.

two men talking
two men talking



Group counseling involves working with a group of individuals who share similar goals or challenges. It offers a collaborative and supportive environment in which participants can learn from each other's experiences, receive feedback and guidance from the coach, and hold each other accountable for making progress toward their goals. Group coaching typically involves a structured program of sessions, activities, and resources that are designed to meet the needs and objectives of the group.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling focuses on helping couples improve their relationship and deepen their connection with each other. It involves working with a coach who is using evidence-based techniques to address a variety of issues, such as communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, and trust. Couples coaching typically involves joint sessions with both partners, as well as individual sessions to address specific concerns or challenges. The goal of couples coaching is to help couples build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship based on mutual respect, understanding, and support.

a woman stares into a man's eyes lovingly
a woman stares into a man's eyes lovingly

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Happy clients


Sarah Y.

The coaching has really helped me overcome some past trauma I had been keeping under a lid for a long time. Now, I feel happier and more confident in my life and feel like I can walk with my head held high.

Robert K.

Coming from a competitive sports background, the injury that ended up making me give up my career was a hard blow. With therapy, I was able to start building my identity around other things than just sports.

Get help wherever you are

On top of face-to-face counseling, we also offer online coaching for anyone and everyone. Ask about our hybrid packages that include both in-person and online counseling.

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